Realizing Intentions (A Virtual Reality) (Volume 2)

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In order to safely experience the intimate encounters she was too shy to attempt in real life, Gillian Lawrence, crack digital security analyst and part-time hacker, breached the high-security Lars-Afton Laboratories and initiated a virtual reality simulation prototype, uploading her consciousness for a weekend escapade. It was supposed to be over before anyone noticed her presence; she hadn’t counted on Joshua, the network’s security AI, sending his sexy avatar to accompany her. She hadn’t anticipated the viral attack that corrupted the VR lab’s AI, Sheila, who was modeled after an erotic film actress, or her intense interest in Gillian’s “education.” Under the enthusiastic tutelage of Suzanne Beech, Gillian Lawrence survived the aristocracy of The Cove long enough to make her search for suitors well known among their peers. When the infected Horde of the fertility goddess She’ila Li Kee—otherwise known as Sheila, the corrupted AI of the simulation lab at Lars-Afton Laboratories—invaded, they had no choice but to run for their lives.

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