Headphones, Red Ant R490 On-Ear Lightweight Headphones with Mic and Detachable Cable 3.5MM

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Red Ant R490

The Red Ant R490 are top pick stereo headphones. Good noise minimization system against ambient noise and a dynamic clear sound response make them ideal for travel, study, work Or anyone who likes to listen to quiet music. High efficiency drivers for maximum performance. Red Ant R490 are designed with a slimmer profile and stylish look, which is not only a headphone, but a necessary accessory in your life. Lightweight, comfortable on-the-ear design offers long-wear comfort.

General Description:

The R490 dynamic stereo headphones are the ideal partner for students, tourists, office workers, and quiet music, providing great sound minimization against ambient noise and a quieter quiet song. The lightweight headphones have a secure fit and can be used for both mobile sources and PCs. The detachable cable, stretchable headband and foldable earcups helps the easy storage.


Closed, supra-aural, dynamic stereo headphones
Frequency Response 18Hz-18KHz
For students, tourists, office workers, or those who like quiet music and a quiet environment.
Good attenuation of ambient noise
Foldable earcups, stretchable headbands and detachable cables
Specially designed with super soft leather and earcups ensures long-wear comfort
Noise minimization and increased signal levels for quiet, country music
Rugged outdoor design with durable and flexible headband
Fold-flat earcups and strechable headbands for adjusting the headbands length when the use of different people


  • Top pick on-ear headphones. Ideal for travel, work, study, etc. Designed with a slimmer profile, stylish looks.
  • Inline Mic allows you to switch from music to calls. You do not miss a call while enjoying the music.
  • Foldable ear cups, a stretchable headband and lightweight design make them easy to take anywhere.
  • Lightweight design and Made to stay comfortable, playlist after playlist; built to survive your busy life. SoundTrue headphones are not wireless. The cable is detachable for easy storage with less tangling.
  • Detachable Cable 3.5mm jack stereo for most E-devices (Iphones, Android and Windows).

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