Google Cardboard Kit v2 by MINKANAK Big Lens 3D Virtual Reality Cardboard Glasses with Head Strap and NFC, Compatible with 3-6inch Screen Android and Apple Smartphone

Do you fancy latest technology and wish to enjoy gripping or interesting cinematic experiences and never attempt going to the 3D cinema just because of its high price? Or Is the Google Cardboard V1.0 is not suitable as you own a bigger screen Smartphone or there is discomfort in wearing for long hours?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ for any of these questions, it is for you to consider MINKANAK V2.0 Reality Viewer kit with refine improvements assuring real immersive viewing experience and comfort to use.

MINKANAK Virtual V2.0 Reality Viewer 3D VR Glasses is customized specially for smart phones and it offers a great effect to the experience of movie going. It may be now your private 3D Cinema and you can also have great gaming experience. The beauty is that it can be used by the oldest and the youngest family member as it just needs you to put the cell phone in to the slot provided and you can enjoy the 3D movies or feel the pulsating fun of VR games. There is no doubt that it is appropriate for white-collar workers, students or travellers.


  • Highly compatible is the attraction as it suits most smarphone featuring the screen size up to 6 inches. Moreover, it offers the advantage of  working on Android and iOS devices.
  • The lens is bigger and it offers the best viewing experience and this is possible because of the 37mm diameter and 45mm focal length biconvex lenses that offers a wider view and you enjoy immersive experience.
  • Simpler operation as most parts of this 3D glasses are rightly assembled and offers the benefit of assembling merely in less than 10 seconds. For fast access there is the QR codes that enables accessing various VR apps. all it requires is to just flip, slide, secure and enjoy.

Conveniences of using

MINKANAK Virtual V2.0 Reality Viewer 3D VR Glasses is a well made product. It features Head strap and NFC that is compatible with most Smartphone’s.  The set-up is extremely easy and so is to use.

The head strap holds the device securely, besides fits your head nicely, regardless of your head shape or size. This is one of the fancy gadgets that make a perfect choice and none others can beat this price. Besides, even if children break it or open it up, it is easy to set up and use in no minutes, making it more than perfect choice.