Headphones,Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones with Microphone,Noise Isolating On Ear Headsets

Do you travel frequently or are a fan that is a bit of quiet type preferred, whatever may be, you may be certainly curious to know how the noise isolating on ear headsets are better. There are plenty of headphones claiming noise cancelling and are actually relating to noise isolating. The fact is that both aim to reduce noise. The simplest explanation is that the noise isolating headphones obstruct ambient noise against your ear with their seal. Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones with Microphone are the bestNoise Isolating On Ear Headsets that work as a physical barrier between the offending sounds and your ear.


  • Sound Intone CX-05 present intense durability as it is casted zinc-alloy headband featuring electroplated coating facilitating ergonomic flex, corrosion and deformation resistance. In fact, the stainless steel pull arm is strong and retractable, proving to be durable and sturdy.
  • Sound Intone Cx-05 head beam is a fabric layer offering a trendy look and assures durability. The ear pad and the material of the headband are of professional grade and deliver more comfort and durability.
  • The advantage is that this CX-05 headphone is comfortable as it is lightweight featuring adjustable design suitable virtually for any size ears or head. It is equipped with high sensitive microphone as built-in that is Omni-directional microphone offering background noise reduction facilitating clear speech, thereby enhancing improved conversations on phone calls. There is the remote control in-line allowing you to control call and the music, wherein you can answer your phone, hang up, pause and play the music.
  • A detachable PET original nylon audio cable comes in the box. The mini plug jack is gold plated and is suitable for audio connection assuring audio spread devoid of distortion of any sort.
  • The soft protein leather and the memory foam are the best materials for your eyes and hands. Apart from this, the foldable hinge design saves a lot of space and fits easily in any laptop bag or a backpack.

High Positives

Sound Intone Cx-05 looks pretty good and their build quality is also much better for their price. They give a feel of having an audiophile product of high-end variety.

The sound quality even with hollow sounds is good. The noise isolation is absolutely working well that you can enjoy music even on a Trans Atlantic flight and this is because the ear cups do a fabulous job in blocking the noise.