Developing Virtual Reality Applications: Foundations of Effective Design

Virtual Reality systems have helped organizations in slashing time and costs, in maintaining organizational and financial control over the process of development to digitally evaluate products even before they are created, and thereby allows more creative exploration. Developing Virtual Reality Applications: Foundations of Effective Design, is a book, written by Alan Craig, Jeffrey and William Sherman, the VR developers, will be examining foundational VR applications in diverse fields such as entertainment, art, science, medicine, business and public safety.

Key Features

  • There are detailed application descriptions with practical ideas provided for VR development in areas of interest relating to diverse areas.
  • Development techniques between different application areas are cross referenced, thereby providing best fundamental practices.
  • Researchers and professionals in VR, this includes software and hardware engineers and developers are concerned with visualization and modelling and are evaluating technologies.

Insider view

Virtual Reality is a sector of computer graphics and is strongly mathematical. However, this book reveals a mathematical bent. It provides a sweeping survey of [2008-9] VR applications. It is simple to read and to get an understanding of the VR being used. The survey covers neatly, the academic and industrial or the commercial efforts.

The book, Developing Virtual Reality Applications: Foundations of Effective Design, is also supported with several uses of illustrations, and looks beautiful as it is presented in many colours. It proves appropriate as the topic is relevant about graphics. The figures also are of immense use in understanding the text.

Here augmented reality in one interesting subtopic. Typically a user wears a pair of glasses and walks into the real world. Now, based on the location and conceivably the orientation, the glasses communicate with a GIS-aware database downloading information in an overlay fashion to be displayed on the wearer’s vision.

An insider’s view of The book, Developing Virtual Reality Applications: Foundations of Effective Design relies on what works and what fails to work and if so why. In VR applications the core technical information is explored and the background theory is taken into consideration in association with the key applications to their current form right from their genesis.

The developmental techniques are checked in every stage to describe the VR overall trends and to form best fundamental practices. These techniques are coupled with up to date research being done and thus offers a guide for developing or creating applications, offering a panoramic view of enhanced VR development. Now it has become essential to develop virtual reality applications in this technically promising field.