DESTEK 2016 New Version Vone 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses with NFC and Nose

This is another VR Headset version of Destek of the Google Cardboard for your phone. This headset is advanced than the versions of real cardboard. It features a plastic headset with a magnetic door ensuring to secure your phone in one position and it also has three elastic straps to hold your phone on your head.  The lenses of Destek do the least harm to your beautiful eyes and allow you to enjoy 3D VR as it offers FOV to 90 degrees. Moreover, Destek, this company has spend lots of time in testing watching 3D or even playing games with distances so that it is healthy for the user, thus they have lenses with reasonable focal length that requires no optical lenses adjustment.


  • Designed with straps that are adjustable and can be adjusted to a comfortable size.
  • Destek uses magnetic clasp offering a nice to close and open feel and thus it is really secure. It also has a thin foam pad to hold your thicker phones such as Note 2 or Note 3 or the Smartphone’s with case.
  • It is well-shaped and has breathable foam as they use materials that are environmentally non-toxic and thus keep you safe and protected.
  • The complete package arrives with VR Glasses, NFC, Manual, Cloth, Nose Padding and additional pad to hold phone.

Valuable Details

DESTEK 2016 New Version Vone 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses is a great device for a real VR headset starter. It is worth the price. It offers footage of high quality and users are sure to feel impressed.

Of course, the plastic lenses may be a bit fuzzy, but it does not deter from giving you the immersive feel of the virtual reality world. It offers the expected fun and pleasure it is supposed to do and you can taste the VR world.

The product comes surprisingly well packaged without any damage at a cheap price. They also provide a headset cleaning cloth.

DESTEK is one good company that is offering a peep into this technology world in such affordable price for its best pros:

  • It is really immersive and while watching or playing games there is no light or noise to disturb and thus it serve the purpose rightly.
  • The picture is clear and thus the quality leaves no room to doubts.
  • The build of the product is really good and its lightweight adds to advantage of using it for longer time.