Glyby 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset with Head-mounted Headband and NFC Tag for 3.5-6.0 Inch Google, iPhone, Samsung Note, LG Nexus, HTC, Moto Smartphones

Virtual reality glasses headset is not meant only for gamers. It offers a journey of virtual experiences making the real world more beautiful, real and better.  The 3D virtual reality glasses of Glyby featuring headset with headband and NFC tag is suitable for any phone in 3.5 to 6.0 inches. This makes it highly versatile, thereby increasing the demand in buyers. This is an amazing product that allows you watching movies as if in a virtual theatre. today, virtual reality is a mainstream product that allows you riding a roller coaster as if in real, if you have a good ipod, tablet or Smartphone.


  • Glyby 3D VR glasses headset with head mounted headband is comfortable to wear as it is designed specifically ensuring the wearer absolute comfort. The best point is that the picture quality is outstanding with different video clips and apps. This is because the glasses have glass lenses of high quality featuring three different knobs to fine-tuning the focus. This helps people who use reading glasses as well.
  • Its augmented reality is another best point of Glyby 3D VR glasses. The Bluetooth remote is another helpful feature that may be used without the glasses to advance through slides, skip songs or adjust the volume. The Bluetooth remotes allow you controlling the mobile device, regardless of whether you are not using or using the VR Goggles.
  • Referring the headset, it is really comfortable to for extended periods of time. The lenses do not bother your eyes even after heavy use and the straps fit well. You may experience a heavy feeling initially, but once you are wearing it in few minutes it is forgotten. There is so much fun that you are enjoying in the virtual world that everything is left behind.

Why to Buy

People who dream of playing games can have an amazing experience with virtual reality. The package also comes rightly protected and there is no damage.

The instructions are clear helping to work and use better. The remote is useful as it works with most games. The head unit is well built and easy to put on, besides easy to adjust.

The padding at the ears is good and the unit is lightweight. There is a door to place your phone and has opening in both the sides to plug your phone in a charger as you are watching some movie.