Kollea 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses W Nose Padding Headset Adjustable Strap for 3.5 to 6 inches

Virtual reality is the innovative tech craze, though many are scared that it offers in the future. Such people invoke a desolate world and spend on plain headsets surviving in virtual lives. Thus, they also believe that using VR leads to losing humanity touch. In fact, this is not true, actually virtual reality is the way of getting people engaged in the real world and they can sty more connected to humanity. This is because now there are fascinating devices such as Kollea 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses with headset adjustable strap and Nose Padding that allows you to see virtual reality not as a replacement of your lives, instead virtual reality represents an extension of our existing lives.


  • Kollea 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses are the newest innovation transforming your Smartphone into a VR and taking you into the VR exciting world to experience the breathtaking imaginations far and wide.
  • It features powerful magnet trigger offering accurate control that the pupil distance can be easily adjusted in association with the focal length, thereby assuring better viewing.
  • The nose padding and the headset of Kollea 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses is of high quality that it offers comfort as it touches your face and the straps size with adjustability ensures easier wearing.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, Android and Google Phones featuring 3.5-6 inches screen size and you can enjoy watching even common simple videos as 3 D movies with the functions of the 3D VR headset that you fly or dive exploring the new worlds.

Directions to Enjoy

  • Before enjoying there is a need for you to download VR APP or 3D Video Player under WIFI environments, adjust the strap to comfortable position, open the app and consider playing the format content left and right.
  • Choose the Pupil distance and focal length to make essential adjustment. Now, you are done with to enjoy your Control via the motion sensing on the VR game or to watch 3D movie.

Overall, Kollea 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses presents a fair combination of quality and price. The glasses also feature the QR code indicating no worries regarding the setting.  It has a spot on clarity also offering easy adjustment of lengths and distance. The magnet trigger button is an advantage.

Note: You may move the middle case to setup the focal length, to get a clear vision.