Intcrown VR Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Enable 360 Degree Immersive Movies and games experience for 4 to 6 inch Smartphone and Apple Phones

Virtual reality is a brilliant technology and it is anticipated in the future it will play a big role. However, to comprehend the reality and its impact, it is essential have one on your eyes. Intcrown VR Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses are one of the magnificent devices enabling 360 Degree Immersive Movies and exceptional games experience for any Smartphone that is in the range of 4 to 6 inches. In the real world,  normally, our focus and the converge of our eyes is in the same point, but in the virtual world the focus of your eyes is on the screen at a set distance, while the objects convergence changes keep moving around the virtual space giving a true feel.


  • User friendly design:The Intcrown VR Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is notable for having the user friendly design. This means it has soft leather edges enveloping the face mask, keeping the focal distance of 20mm adjustment and the pupil distance adjustment to 55 to 75mm.
  • Amazing experience: This device from Intcown offers a virtual experience that in the video game firefight middle also you can enjoy the Rome streets and start exploring it. The best part is you can do all these without leaving the comfort of your home. Bear in mind to download APP on your smartphone prior to experiencing the VR world.
  • Compatialbe: Choosing Intcrown VR Headset Glasses  is recommended as it is easy to getting started and is compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones in the ranges of 4.0 to 6.0 inches, where it includes iPhone 6, 6+, 5, 5S, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
  • Resin Lenses: The resin lenses feature HD optical with 5 times polishing and has 8 layer nano coating. This resin lenses reduce glare and deformity, thus preventing visual fatigue and restoring 3D reality broad vision.

Useful details

Intcrown VR Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses feature good adjustability and build. It is comfortable on the face and head. There is an open-up at the headset, you can click that you wish to have on the screen and may close it again. Watching with this 3D VR set offers a cool experience.

It is not only well built, but also includes nice features such as velcro adjustable head straps, soft padding, wheels to adjust distance and focal length between lenses. There is a front panel magnet held that facilitates the camera to pass through to enjoy augmented reality.