LeNest 3D VR Headset-GEAR+ Virtual Reality Headset Glasses,works with 4~6 inch

The complete reason to watch the game in VR for fans is owing to its enhanced features that it provides. In this way, the VR allows players to become deeply immersed in a game that they already loved. One such innovation technology is LeNest 3D VR Headset-GEAR+ Virtual Reality Headset Glasses. It builds experiences, thereby allowing people to pick up objects of their choice and to experience the gravity and friction in virtual reality, which means it will an experience like they were actually picking up physical objects. Finally,  mobile virtual reality with LeNest 3D VR headset-Gear allows playing games or even watching in your private cinema the Hollywood’s best movies, while the Gear + VR headset takes you into the action.


  • An innovation turning your Smartphone into a real smart virtual reality viewer that allows you to understand the exciting VR world and the immersive fun.
  • Excellent quality nose padding and headset to the face and adjustable straps ensuring easy removing and wearing, besides the foam pad makes cleaning easy.
  • Light weight design that will not give you a tired feel, even on watching a movie for a longer time. The cover in the front is absorbed by magnet that makes the phone cool. Besides there are ventilation holes on either sides to use earphone or charge simultaneously.
  • The focal distance and the pupil distance are easy to adjust owing to aspheric optical lens design. The 0-600 degree viewing ensures you viewing and experiencing immersive 3D views.
  • Well suited to majority smartphones I 4.0 to 6.0 inches screen. An added advantage is to purchase the LeNest remote control so that it can be used with iOS, Android and PC systems.

Other Details:

LeNest 3D VR headset-Gear is made using recyclable ABS environmental materials and this makes it really lighter and you can play or watch comfortably.

The design is innovative and this is apparent in it is cover that is high-gloss transparent offering enhanced effect of virtual reality. Besides the adjustable headband and the foam pad removable ascertains easy cleaning, thereby making it worthy enough and a must have accessory.

How to use

  • The screen resolution supports 720P and 1080.
  • Play a VR movie or a video on your phone and connect the earphone.
  • Insert your phone inside the cover centre and ensure to push tight.
  • Close the cover and fine-tune the distance, both focal and length.


The 3D glasses working principle is through split screen reaching 3D effect.

45 days replacement service is free and 12 month warranty on LeNest products.